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Welcome to my 31 Days of Organization!  I will be getting my world in order this January by knocking one item off my to do lists each day.
I don’t know about you, but I have quite the collection of gift wrap.  I love having the items I need for gift giving, but absolutely loathe the eye sore of storage it can create.  Originally, I had all my gift bags, tissue paper and accessories on a shelf in a cabinet.  It looked terrible and it took forever to find what I needed.  Plus, the rolls of wrapping paper didn’t fit in the closet so they were stashed away somewhere else.  It wasn’t a very efficient storage system and it was very messy.  Sorry; I was so excited to get this stuff cleaned up that I forgot to take before pictures! 
I did a little research and spent a lot of time thinking about useful solutions and here is what I came up with.   It is functional and orderly and I absolutely love it! 
Gift wrap organization

My craft room/office closet is pretty deep and it has about an 8 inch gap between the door and the wall, so I decided two of these adjustable tension rod’s from Walmart  would be a cost effective and useful solution for the wrapping paper.  I lined up my wrapping paper and situated the two rods to hold them in place. Using two rods ensured that my smaller rolls of wrapping paper would be secure plus it provided additional support.  Already looking so organized! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, I purchased a couple of these Bygel toilet roll hooks from IKEA.  I thought that the length of the hook would be perfect for holding gift wrap bags plus it would take advantage of the vertical space above the wrapping paper.  We used the gift bags as a guide and secured the two hooks with an anchor as the bags can get a little heavy. 

Then, I grouped my gift bags by occasion.  (Wedding, Baby, Birthday, Christmas and Misc.)

I used the biggest bag in the group to hold all the other bags. 

Then I hung all my grouped bags on one of my hooks.  Now, when I need a bag for a wedding, I can just grab the stack of wedding bags and pick the right size.  This is so much better than going through all my bags to find the right occasion and size! 

I usually wrap gifts with ribbon, but I have a small collection of raffia and bows as well as gift labels.  I collected all these items, as well as scissors and tape and placed them in a gift bag. 

In addition, I have a ton of tissue paper that I wanted to keep with the other gift wrap items.  I placed all my tissue paper in this simple black tote that I received as a giveaway at an event recently.  You can find these bags at Michael’s or other craft stores.   

I hung the bags of tissue paper and accessories on the other hook.

Now, all of my gift wrap lives together, is tucked away neatly and is easy to access.  This turned out so much better than I had hoped.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my gift wrap is organized and that it is no longer taking up valuable real estate in other parts of the house.  Major WIN-WIN in my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

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