Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recipe Binder Organization

Welcome to my 31 Days of Organization!  I will be getting my world in order this January by knocking one item off my to do lists each day.  Today is the first day of this project and I'll be kicking things off in my favorite place in the house, the kitchen! 

I shared my menu planning strategy back in August and in that post I said I would share my recipe binder and menu staples with you "soon".  Clearly time has gotten away from me...  I'm so sorry for that.  What's worse is that I bought a snazzy new binder to replace my boring white binder back in October and it has been sitting in my office for the last three months!  So, updating my recipe binder was an easy choice for my first project.  I get to start using my new binder plus I can finally share how I organize it with you!  Win - win!!

I started our recipe binder shortly after we got married and have been collecting recipes in it since.  I have upgraded the binder but the system remains the same.  If it isn't broke, don't fix it!

Here's how I organize my recipes:

1.  Binder
I started out with a regular white binder which I used for years.  But I found this cute binder at Costco a few months ago and couldn't resist upgrading.  

2.  Dividers 

My new binder came pre-filled with labeled separators.  But, I didn't find all the tabs useful.  So, I made some adjustments.  "Main Dishes" was too broad a grouping for me and I knew I wouldn't use the Desserts tab since I have a separate Dessert Recipes Binder.  So, I flipped some of the tabs over and made news labels that function better for my meal planning.

I separate my recipes into the groups below.  This way I can easily find a relevant recipe depending what we are in the mood for and/or what is lacking in my meal plan.

Soup & Salad
Side Dishes

3.  Sheet Protectors
Sheet protectors are a must!  They protect your recipes from spills that are inevitable in the kitchen.  I pull the sheet protector with the recipe out when I'm cooking.  Then simply wipe it off and put it back in my binder when I'm done cooking.  I keep one recipe per sheet, just to keep thing simple.

4. Recipes & Edits
Recipes are added to our binder once we have tried them and determined that we like them enough to make them again and again.  I also make notes directly on the recipe so that I remember what edits to make next time I prepare the meal. 

Voila! A simple recipe binder to help with your meal planning! 

I couldn't live without my recipe binder and use it almost daily.  It makes me so happy to have a functional and ADORABLE new binder to pull out!


  1. I ran out of inserts...any idea what I can use to add more recipes to the folder? I have the same one from Costco.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I usually grab a pack from Target or Walmart. They don't look exactly the same and are a bit thinner. But, they still get the job done. :)


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