HOW TO: Make Chocolate Curls

Earlier this week I shared this chocolate pudding recipe that I dolled up with some whipped cream and chocolate curls for a dinner party.  Chocolate curls take any chocolaty dessert to the next level. They look so elegant and can make a plain Jane dessert, like chocolate pudding, look like it could be served in a five star restaurant.  Your guests will think you spent a lot of time and energy making them when in reality they are incredibly easy to make.  
how to make chocolate shavings

Here’s how:

Large chunk of good quality chocolate – I got mine at whole foods
Fruit/Vegetable Peeler
Body heat
I start by holding the chocolate in my hand for about 20-30 seconds.  Natural body heat will start to soften the chocolate. I want the chocolate softened, not melted.

Then I run my fruit/vegetable peeler along the softened chocolate.

If the chocolate is warm enough it will naturally curl.  It it is too cold, it will shave off in straight lines making chocolate shavings.  I find that both curls and/or shavings look great on desserts.  

I usually keep a small bowl under the chocolate to catch the curls/shavings.  That way I don’t have to handle them which could cause breakage.  Once I have enough curls, I place my bowl of chocolate in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes so the chocolate can harden back up.  This way they won’t break or melt when I handle them.

Once my curls have hardened back up, I carefully use them to decorate my desserts.  See, I told you it was super easy to make them.

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