How to Clean Disney Mouse Ear Hats

How to Clean Disney Mouse Ear Hats
Remember how I told you that we went to Disneyland back in December?  Did I mention that it was the wettest day ever?  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the wettest day on record.  But, there was steady rain throughout the day with the only breaks in the steady drizzle being heavy downpours.  So, we got wet. Really wet.
We ended up purchasing Disneyland ponchos for ourselves and also for our stroller so we could keep it and the contents in it dry, shortly after we entered the park.  Only, our master plan didn’t work out so well.  I swear the rain must have been coming down sideways and upside down because our stroller and everything in it were soaked through.   By noon, Littlebug wasn’t able to use the stroller any longer.  But, I guess it was for the best because I could keep her warmer and dryer by wearing her in our carrier.  
Anyway, when we got home, I realized that my beloved mouse ear hat had not only gotten soaked but  also really dirty in the rain.  I had tucked them into the stroller when I realized mouse ears and rain don’t mix.  But, they fell onto the ground at one point and, like everything else in our stroller, they were dripping wet by the end of the day.   So, I did some research online to figure out how to clean my mouse ears without ruining them.  But, I came up with nothing.  Literally not one tutorial for cleaning Disney mouse ears.  I couldn’t believe it!  
I had to do something so I decided to come up with my own method for cleaning them.  I knew that mild soap would probably work best, but what type?  Dish soap?  Laundry detergent?  And then it hit me…  The hat sits on my head and sometimes my hair is damp or wet when I put the ears on.   So, shampoo would be the most logical option.   So, I held my breath and gave it a whirl.
I’m happy to report it worked like a charm!  My ears look like brand new and they smell good too!  
Here’s how I did it:
Let me start by showing you what my ears looked like before I cleaned them.

Do you see all that dirt on the bottom left of the picture?  Not to mention the dust on the ears!  This hat has seen better days!

To clean my hat, I poured about a tablespoon of mild shampoo in a bowl and added about 1 1/2 to 2 cups warm water, mixing with my hand to make sure the shampoo dissolves.


Then, I dipped a washcloth into the mixture and squeezed most of the moisture out.  I started wiping my hat with the damp washcloth, using soft delicate strokes.  I continued dipping, squeezing and wiping and that took care of most of the dirt.  But some areas required more scrubbing.  So, I applied a little more pressure and was a little more aggressive and that seemed to take care of it.  The hat is made of felt and seemed pretty resilient so I would bet that a soft bristle toothbrush would also work on really stubborn stains.

I ended up cleaning both the outside and inside of my hat and wiped down the ears as well.  I kept the washcloth pretty dry so that my hat wouldn’t get soaked through again.  So, it wasn’t really wet, but I still set it outside for 30 minutes to dry, just to be sure.  After it dried, I noticed a couple spots that didn’t clean completely so I touched them up, using the same method, and let it dry again.

And that’s it!  My hat looks as good as new!   Here’s a side by side before and after so you can see the difference.


Mickey Ears Before & after

Time to book our next trip to Disney!  Hopefully it won’t rain this time!
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