DIY Easy Bistro Table Makeover

DIY Easy Bistro Table Makeover
Breathing new life into old furniture couldn’t be more simple with Easy DIY Bistro Table Makeover!
We have two simple black bistro tables that used to live in our master bedroom as “temporary” night stands.  But, earlier this year we purchased actual night stands. So, after 7 years (you read that right) in our bedroom, the black bistro tables became homeless.  I considered selling them in a garage sale we had, but then I thought they could be useful somewhere else in our home.  So, I held onto them and they bounced around from room to room until inspiration hit.  

Bistro Table MakeoverThe windows in our living room face a bare and boring small side yard with a glorious view of a brick fence.  It’s just as lovely as I’m sure you are imagining it.  We plan on planting a couple fruit trees over there eventually, but the space could use some color regardless.  So, I decided to give one of the bistro tables a makeover so that it could live in our side yard outside our living room as… wait for it… a bistro table!  Original, I know!

The process couldn’t be easier and this makeover cost less than $20!!  Don’t you just love it?  It makes me so incredibly happy to see this bright and fun table outside the window!  I carried the colors from our living room outside so that it would be a natural extension of the room.  I am seriously smitten with it.  

DIY Bistro Table Makeover

Here’s how I did it:
Bistro Table
Indoor / Outdoor Spray Paint – I used Rust-Oleum Real Orange
Craft Paper – I used solid white, teal and orange
Octagon Paper Punch
Outdoor Mod Podge
Foam Brushes
Outdoor Urethane



DIY Bistro Table MakeoverI started by disassembling my bistro table and covered it with 3 coats of orange spray paint.  I let the paint dry completely over a few days.


DIY Bistro Table MakeoverMeanwhile, I punched a ton of octagons out of my craft paper in all three colors.  And then the fun started… My Love, Lovebug and I played around with the octagons to come up with different patterns  for the table until I, I mean, we settled on one that we like best.  


DIY Bistro Table MakeoverNext I measured out the midpoint of the table and started gluing the paper octagons down with Outdoor Mod Podge, starting at the middle and working my way out.  The table has little holes shaped in a design on it, but my paper and glue covered them up perfectly. 


DIY Bistro Table MakeoverWe ended up with a flower-ish design, which is interesting because that is exactly what I had envisioned! 🙂  Anyway, I started by gluing down an orange octagon right in the middle of the table, using my Outdoor Mod Podge and a foam brush. Then, I added a row of teal octagons around it, then followed with a row of white around that.  I continued with that pattern, orange, then teal, then white, laying down a little glue as I went along.

DIY Bistro Table MakeoverI continued until the table was covered.  Then, I let the Mod Podge dry completely for a couple days.

DIY Bistro Table MakeoverOnce the Mod Podge had dried and the craft paper was secured on the table,  I sealed the top of the table with 3 layers of Outdoor Mod Podge and let it dry completely. 

DIY Bistro Table MakeoverThen, I waterproofed it by putting 3 coats of clear urethane over it.  I let that dry completely and my table was done!

DIY Bistro Table MakeoverFinally, I took my table outside and admired my handiwork!  I absolutely love how it turned out!  So vibrant, colorful and the perfect pop of color to add interest to the small side yard (read: brick wall) outside our living room.  

Now, I just need to find a couple bistro chairs to go with it and my little outdoor seating area will be complete!  I’ll update the pictures once I find the chairs.  In the meantime, I am so in love!   I’m even considering doing something similar with the other bistro table we have and setting it up in the front yard or entry.  I just need to come up with a color scheme and design. Any suggestions?
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