Christmas Holiday Burlap Wreath + Roundup of 12 months of Burlap Wreaths
At the beginning of 2014, I made a simple burlap wreath to use as a backdrop for seasonal decorations in my home.  Each month, I changed the embellishments on the burlap wreath to create entirely new wreaths to celebrate holidays, seasons, etc. and this is the final installment!
For December, I used the holidays for inspiration and embellished my burlap wreath with some ribbon and a “Happy Holidays” gift tag to make it look like a present.  As with all the others, I kept things simple and am so happy with how it turned out!
Here’s how I did it:


Ribbon – I used a holiday inspired ribbon that is about 2-3 inches thick
Red Card Stock
Hole Punch
Elmer’s glue
Silver Glitter
6 inches of thin ribbon
I started by tying my holiday ribbon to the back frame of the wreath.  Then, I wrapped the ribbon around my wreath horizontally about 3 or 4 inches from the top.  When I got around to the back, I looped the ribbon around the frame, where I had initially tied it, in order to secure that loop.  Then, I continued by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath vertically about 3-4 inches from the left and secured the end to the frame where I had started.  Securing the ribbon in between loops helps hold the ribbon in place and prevents some sag.  Then, I attached my “Happy Holidays” gift tag (instructions on how I made it below) with the thin ribbon.  I covered the ribbon up by attaching a bow made out of the holiday ribbon.  And done!  It looks like a fun little present!
Happy Holidays Gift Tag:  
This really couldn’t be easier.  Using Word, I typed the words “Happy Holidays” in a large font and printed it on my card stock.  Then, I freehand cut the card stock into a gift tag shape and punched a hole with a hole punch.  Next, I traced and filled the letters in with the Elmer’s glue and covered the glue with the silver glitter.  I let it dry completely.  Then, I fed the thin ribbon through the hole and attached it to my wreath.
My 12 Months of Burlap Wreaths series is complete!  I was able to change my burlap wreath every month with simple and inexpensive embellishments and love how every month I had a completely new wreath in my home.  Burlap is so incredibly versatile and is the perfect backdrop for any season, holiday or even party or celebration!  The possibilities are truly endless!  
 Burlap Wreath Roundup

I’d love to see the burlap wreaths you’ve created.  So please share a link in the comments so we can all be inspired! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the instructions for how I made mine:

September & October
December – see above ๐Ÿ™‚
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So, I saw these adorable rope Christmas Trees in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog a couple weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about them.  They look so fun and whimsical and I thought they would be a great addition to my holiday decorations.  
So, I decided to make my own.  I found this Blue Hawk 5/8″ rope at Lowes that I figured would work perfectly.  It is a bit thicker than the rope in the catalog, but it worked out well enough.  The trees in the catalog look to be two to three times as big, so if you are going for the same size as the catalog, you’ll need to get more rope.    
DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

This might be the worlds easiest craft project.  It took about 15 minutes to pull these trees together and only required a few materials.  It was low cost and has a big impact.  In fact, if I didn’t use hot glue I would have had Lovebug help with it, it was that easy.  I love how they turned out and am debating purchasing additional rope to make them a bit bigger.  But, these make me so happy for now!

Here’s how I made them:

Blue Hawk 5/8″ braided red and white rope – I got 18′ and made a tree using 10′ and 8′ of rope
Hot Glue Gun
Extra glue
Fold a length of about 4 inches of rope down.  Carefully dot about an inch of hot glue along the inside at the corner of the fold and press it together for about a minute to allow it to dry.

Wrap the long length of rope around the 4 inches that are hanging down once, dotting the four inch section with hot glue as you go down.  Hold the rope together for a few seconds to ensure it adheres to itself.

As you continue down the tree, spread a line of hot glue along the center of the previous layer of rope and attach another layer of rope to it, extending the rope out about a millimeter or two as you go down.

Continue adding hot glue along the center of each layer of rope and attaching additional layers of rope, extending a millimeter or so with each new layer to shape the tree.

Carefully continue adding the hot glue and rope, extending each layer out a bit to create the tree.

To complete the tree, place about a quarter sized dot of glue inside the tree and attach the end of the rope to it.  Hold it in place for about a minute to ensure that the glue dries.

Remove any lose strings of glue and you’re done!  Fun, easy and colorful trees to decorate your home!

Like I said, my trees are much smaller than the ones in the catalog.  But, you could easily get more rope to make taller trees.  If you do make the larger trees, you will want to keep each additional layer of rope tight to the previous layer. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tree with a huge base.   Aren’t they so cute?

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In general, I like to keep my holiday table decorations clean, simple and elegant.  But, now that Lovebug is four years old, I’ve been enjoying adding fun and whimsical elements to our holiday tables to make the meals more memorable for her.  
This year, I am using candy canes as inspiration for our Christmas Dinner.  So, I picked up some cheap red plastic chargers from Walmart and added some white paint to give the charger some simple candy cane stripes.  It was a quick and easy addition but it makes such a difference on the table!    I love the impact of this colorful place setting with the candy cane embellishment.   The red, white and pops of green are so festive and the best part is that the candy cane serves as an after dinner mint!   Cute, elegant, fun and functional!  I love it and know that Lovebug will too!
Christmas Table Decoration

Here’s how I made the chargers:

Red Plastic Chargers 
White Acrylic Paint
1″ wide Painters Tape
Plastic Knife

Start by wiping the plastic charger of any dust.

Then lay a length of tape across the center of the plastic charger.

Add additional lengths of tape, placing each one about an inch apart from the previous piece.

Continue until you have tape spaced out around the entire plastic charger.  I eyeballed mine and had to go back and make slight adjustments to space them out evenly.

Place small strips of tape along the inside ring of the charger between each length of tape.

Using a foam brush, paint the exposed exterior ring areas with the white paint. 
**Sorry about the awful quality of the next few pictures!  Not sure what happened (it was definitely NOT user error! ;o)  but wanted you to see what I did!

Apply a second layer of white paint to the charger.

Allow the paint to dry for about 5 minutes, then remove the tape.  You want the paint to be a little tacky so that the paint doesn’t come up with the tape.

When the paint is completely dry, use the back edge of the plastic knife to clean up any messy edges.  You can see that I had issues with my painters tape, but the acrylic paint was very forgiving.  Just be careful with these chargers because the paint chips and scratches easily.  You could paint a layer of clear coat over top to prevent chipping, but that was too much effort for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

You’re done!  Candy cane striped plastic charger ready for Christmas!  My stripes aren’t perfect, but I think that just gives them character. 

I love that this place setting is fun while still looking simple and elegant.

Since the theme of our Christmas Dinner will be candy canes, we will be incorporating these adorable candy cane pieces on our table too.

Candy Cane Rose Centerpiece
Candy Cane Candlesticks
Candy Cane Place Card Holder or Food Label

Love, love, love all the candy canes!!!  I can’t wait to see it all come together at Christmas!!  So fun!!

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While looking through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I noticed some cute yarn wrapped Christmas trees in the background of the pictures.  I thought they looked adorable and decided they would make a great addition to my holiday decorations.  So, I recreated them using items I already had at home.

I LOVE the new home for my critter ornaments!

I seem to have a thing for trees this year… I made cute Craft Paper Christmas Trees, I’ve added these Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees, plus I have three other tree decorations in my house already!  I might need an intervention. ๐Ÿ™‚
DIY Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees

Cereal Box
Yarn – I went with neutral colors, but you could use some colorful yarn as well

1.  Open you cereal box and trim off the edges.

2.  Roll the cereal box into a cone shape.  Secure the cone by placing tape around circumference of the cone in several places.  Using scissors, trim the excess off the bottom to make the tree the size you want and the bottom flat.  Do your best to shape the cone but don’t worry about creases, the yarn will help cover them up.

3.  Tape the yarn to the bottom of the cone you made. Then roll the yarn around the cone, starting from the bottom rolling up then back down again.

4.  Tuck the end back into the yarn to secure. 

5.  You’re done!  Simple, cute and cheap yarn Christmas tree decorations!

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I knew I wanted to add some mistletoe to my holiday decor this year, but I wasn’t very inspired to make a mistletoe kissing ball.  I wanted something more colorful and vibrant but also wanted the mistletoe to be a little more understated than a kissing ball would allow.  So, I created this adorable Mistletoe and Ornament Chandelier.  Isn’t it cute?!?  I love how the mistletoe pops in front of the colorful ornaments and how the ribbon adds a little extra something to the look.  Honestly, this may be my favorite holiday decoration.  Partly because it came together even better than I had hoped but more so, because Lovebug gets such a kick out of luring us under it just to say, “Uh oh!  We’re under the mistletoe!  I need to kiss you now!”  Yeah, it’s definitely the kisses from Lovebug that make me love it so much.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Mistletoe and Ornament Chandelier

1 stem plastic mistletoe
10-12 plastic ornaments – I used red and white
ribbon – I used red and green

1. Gather a small bunch of plastic mistletoe.

2.  Thread a length of ribbon through stems.  I used one piece of mistletoe berries and two stems of mistletoe leaves to make it stand out a little more.

3.  Tie the ribbon into a tight and secure knot.  ๏ปฟ
4. Wrap the ribbon around the stems to hide them then secure with an additional knot.  Leave a long length of ribbon (about 2 feet long) on one side of the knot and trim the other side. 
5.  Set the mistletoe aside and begin working on the ornaments.  Thread some ribbon through the ornament loop.  NOTE: I did not glue the top to the ornament as they were secure and not popping off, but you can glue yours if you are concern about them falling.
6.  Tie the ribbon into a secure and tight knot.
7.  Leave several inches of ribbon on one side and a long length (about the same length as the ribbon on your mistletoe ) on the other side. Repeat with your remaining ornaments.

8. Assemble your mistletoe ornament chandelier.  Start with your strand of mistletoe in the middle, gripping the ribbon about a foot and a half above the mistletoe.  Arrange a layer of ornaments about an inch or two above the bottom of the mistletoe, adding the ribbons to your grip.  Arrange another layer of ornaments about an inch or two above the first layer of ornaments, again adding the new ribbons to your grip.  Tie all the ribbons into a tight and secure knot where you had your hand gripped.  (Sorry- I was so absorbed in assembling that I forgot to take pictures!  Hopefully this makes sense!  If not, leave a comment so I can try to clarify.)

9.  Locate two of the longest pieces of ribbon above the knot.  Use these two ribbons to tie the Mistletoe Ornament Chandelier to your chandelier or to a hook over a door frame.  Make sure you tie a tight and secure knot so the chandelier doesn’t fall down.  Trim any fringes off the bottom of your ribbon, but don’t take any length off.

10.  Enjoy lots of smooches under your gorgeous Mistletoe and Ornament Chandelier.

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