Earlier this year, I made a simple burlap wreath to use as a backdrop for seasonal decorations in my home.  Each month, I am changing the embellishments on the burlap wreath to create entirely new wreaths to celebrate holidays, seasons, etc.  
Here is how I embellished my burlap wreath so far:

Since I didn’t get my burlap wreath post up last month, I’ll be sharing both my September and October wreaths today.  Twice the fun!

So, I thought my September wreath was going to be the easiest one to create because (1) I LOVE fall and (2) fall and burlap go hand in hand, right?   It was going to be so easy.

OMG!  Can I tell you, it might have been the hardest wreath to pull together, to date?   I re-did this wreath I don’t even know how many times and nothing worked out the way I wanted it to.  So, I scoured the internet for inspiration and still nothing jumped out at me.  I felt so defeated and frustrated that all the pressure I put on myself had created a bit of a creative block.

So, eventually, I decided to strip it down and keep it simple.  I simply added a brown and gold burlap ribbon I found at Joann’s Fabric and scattered fall leaves between the burlap folds.

Fall Leaf Burlap Wreath
Is it my favorite wreath.  Nope.  Do I like it?  Yes.  Do I think that better fall burlap wreaths can be created?  Absolutely.  But, this one worked with the decorations in our home and that was good enough for me. 
Brown and Gold Burlap Ribbon
Decorative Fall Leaves
How I did it:
I simply created a bow at the top of the wreath using the ribbon.  Then, I tucked the decorative fall leaves between the folds of the burlap wreath.  Done!
My October wreath is focused on Halloween for obvious reasons.  Although I am completely arachnophobic…
Quick side story- Did I ever tell you about the time a spider moved into my car?  It was a female and apparently it’s egg sack hatched in my car so there were literally hundreds of baby spiders all over.  I called several exterminators to see if they could tent or bait or somehow kill all the spiders, but they said they couldn’t.  All I could do was try to prevent any food supply (flies) from coming in and wait the spiders out.  It was awful!  I’m still traumatized from the experience and the kicker is that I was arachnophobic BEFORE this happened.  True story!
Anyway, as I was saying, although I’m completely arachnophobic, most of my Halloween decorations are centered around spiders.    So, when I thought about how I wanted to embellish my wreath this month, spiders were the natural answer to complement my other decorations. 
I picked up some black deco mesh ribbon and added it to my wreath to emulate spider webs.  Then, I threw on a bunch of plastic spiders.  I tossed on a little orange deco mesh ribbon (which I had initially purchased for my September wreath but it didn’t really read fall to me so it was scrapped, like so many other ideas) for color and voila!  Halloween Burlap Wreath that I love!  
I still hate real spiders though.  (I tell Lovebug that we shouldn’t say we hate things because it is a strong word.  But, I truly HATE spiders so it’s appropriate here.)
Halloween Spider Burlap Wreath
Black Deco Mesh Ribbon
Orange Deco Mesh Ribbon
Plastic Spider
How I did it:
I started by tucking the end of the black deco mesh ribbon into the wire frame from the front of the wreath.  I measured about a 4-5 inch length of ribbon, then tucked the ribbon into the frame, pulling about an inch or so through the back to secure. Then, I measured another 4-5 inch length of ribbon, tucking the end of that length into the frame, pulling another inch or so through to the back to secure.  I continued until I made my way around the wreath then cut off the excess black deco mesh ribbon.  Then, I created my bow by mixing the orange and black deco mesh ribbon together and securing it to the frame.  Lastly, I attached the spiders onto the wreath by tucking one front and one back leg into the burlap and/or deco mesh.  That was it! 
Easy-peasy and festive too!
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We went to a potluck picnic at the Pumpkin Patch with some friends this weekend and I literally had 20 minutes to hit the grocery store and pull our contributions together.  We were responsible for salad and a dessert.  I knew I could pull a salad together in no time but a festive and fun Halloween themed dessert would be a little more tricky.  My husband tried to convince me to just grab some cookies at the grocery store, but anyone who knows me (especially him!) knows that just wasn’t going to happen.

I racked my brain as I grabbed the ingredients for the salad at the grocery store, trying to come up with some way to make a homemade dessert in 10 minutes.  I decided to walk down the cookie isle to see if I could find some inspiration.  I passed the Mother’s Plain and Iced Oatmeal cookies when it hit me.  I could purchase the plain oatmeal cookies and ice them to look like mummies.  A couple candy eyeballs and I’ve got a cute and semi-homemade dessert to serve!  Woohoo!!

I got home and set to work on my Semi-Homemade Halloween Mummy Oatmeal Cookies.  They literally took me about 10 minutes to make (about 5 minutes to pull together and 5 minutes to set) and I think they turned out super cute!  Lovebug was thrilled to help and couldn’t wait to tell her friends that they could eat the eyeballs (which they were equally thrilled about)!  The candy eyeballs cookies were a hit at the picnic and I was so happy that I was able to pull together a quick, easy and tasty treat, even if it wasn’t completely homemade.

p.s.  I seem to be on a mummy kick lately… First with these Halloween Banana Mummies and now these cookies.  I promise I’ll be a little more creative and come up with something else for any future Halloween ideas!

Last minute Halloween Dessert Idea

1 box Mother’s Oatmeal Cookies – the un-iced variety
1 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons milk
1 container Wilton Candy Eyeballs (I got mine at Safeway)

1.  Lay your cookies on a wire rack over a baking sheet.  The baking sheet will catch any extra drippings from the icing.

2.  Make the icing by whisking together the powdered sugar and milk in a medium bowl.  If the mixture is too loose add a little more powdered sugar; if it is too thick, add a little more milk.

3.  Drizzle the icing over the cookies, doing your best to make the icing look like a mummy.  Don’t stress too much about this.  In my experience, the kids were more interested in the eyeballs than the icing!

4.  Have your Lovebug help you place two candy eyeballs on each cookie.  If you’re in a hurry, like I was that day, let Lovebug do a few while you blast through the rest! 🙂

One container of Wilton Candy Eyeballs was the perfect amount of eyeballs for one box of Mother’s Oatmeal Cookies.  It was a meant to be!

5. Let the icing set for about 5-10 minutes.

 6.  Serve at any Halloween gathering.


NOTE:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am in no way affiliated nor was I compensated by Mother’s or Wilton.  I simply used their terrific products to make this fun dessert and wanted to share what I created.

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I admit it… I am the parent that always signs up to bring in the healthy snack for holiday parties at school.  But, in my defense, Lovebug loves fruits and vegetables and often prefers them over other snacks at home.  So, technically I am bringing in what my kid likes.  But, I digress.
Last year I signed up to bring fruit in for the Halloween party.  But, I knew it would be next to impossible to get the kids to eat fruit when there were cupcakes, cookies, candy and other sugary treats to be had.  So, I thought that the fruit would have a better chance of getting eaten if I made it fun.  So, I decided to turn regular boring bananas into Banana Mummies and it cost me less than $5 to make 15 of these babies!  I think they turned out super cute and the kids really got a kick out of them.  The best part is that a good number of the kids actually ate bananas at the party!  Yes, they ate all the other sugary stuff too, but at least I got some potassium in them! 🙂
Halloween Banana Mummy

White Crepe Paper (2 rolls for $1 at Dollar Tree)
Craft Wiggle Eyes (pack of 30 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
Glue dots / Elmer’s Glue

1.  Begin rolling the crepe paper around the banana, starting at the bottom.

 2.  Continue rolling all the way up and back down the banana to cover as much of it as you can.  I left the tip and very bottom exposed so that people would know what it is.

 3.  Once you have the whole banana covered tuck the end of the crepe paper back into one of the folds.  It may pop out, but that didn’t bother me as it made it feel more mummy-like.  But, you cold always glue it so it doesn’t unravel.

 4.  Take your glue dots….

 and place a craft wiggle eye on top of it, pressing so that it attaches.

 5.  Place the eye on your banana mummy.

6.  Repeat with the second eye.
And you’re done!

 Cute Banana Mummy perfect for a Halloween snack!

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Every year I try to add a little something to our holiday decorations to make the house look more festive.  This year I was inspired when I saw a stack of witches book decorations in the Halloween section at Michaels.  I thought they were clever and cute but figured I could make something similar much cheaper.  One stop at Good Will and a can of black spray paint later, I had my very own Spells, Hexes and Potions books to display alongside the Halloween potion apothecary bottles I made last year, and the books cost me less than $5!  
I didn’t think I could recreate the crow I found, so I bought it on sale at Michaels for about $6.   I had originally planned on grabbing a skull figure, but the crow seemed to be calling out to me.  So, I grabbed him instead and am so happy I did.  He is the perfect addition to this little set up.  Now, to name him… any suggestions?
I love how my little display turned out!
diy halloween decorations

Last year, I made these simple apothecary potion jars by attaching some fun labels I found online to colorful apothecary jars I picked up at my local craft store.  I attached mine by spreading adhesive to the backs of the labels and sticking them on the bottles because I wanted the look of old paper labels, but Modge Podge will work great too.  I also borrowed Lovebug’s St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold to use as a cauldron and filled it with purple tulle.  I think it all came together pretty nicely. 
I don’t own the images for the labels and had a hard time finding the original authors, so I don’t feel right making them available as printables.  Sorry!  But, I can tell you how to find them!  A simple Google image search on the following terms will lead you directly to the images of the labels I used:
  • Vampire Blood Label
  • Fur of Werewolf Label
  • Earth Worm Apothecary Label
  • Graveyard Dust Label

DIY Halloween Witches Apothecary Jars

My favorite part of my Halloween display is the new books I made, for sure.  They compliment the potion bottles perfectly and add that extra little something to the area.  If you don’t count paint drying time, I probably spent 20 minutes on the books and love how they turned out.  If anyone opens them up though, they will be in for a surprise!  I think the only spell these books can cast is sleep!  I picked the books based on the covers and must have selected the most boring books on the planet!  At least they look good! 🙂

DIY Halloween Witches Books
Here’s how I made them:
Old Style Hard cover books** – I got mine at Good Will for $1/each
Gallon size zip lock bag 
Painters tape 
Black spray paint
Letter stamps
Ink pad

1.  Place the zip lock bag around the pages of the book to protect the pages.
2.  Secure the bag as close to the seem as possible, using the painters tape.
3.  Spray the exterior and interior of the hard cover with black spray paint and allow it to dry completely.
4.  Carefully remove the painters tape and bag and discard them.  
5.  Using the stamps and ink pad, stamp the titles (I titled mine Hexes, Spells and Potions) onto your books.  I used the back cover of the book as the top of my cover because the titles had been embossed on the hard covers and created dents, making my stamps illegible.  The back cover was a flat surface so it worked better for me.  Make sure to stamp the seem of your book as well!  Allow the stamps to dry completely before displaying them.  (Make sure to check that the stamps have dried!  This took several days on my books.) 
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I am terrified of spiders so it’s a bit ironic that I use them so much in my Halloween decorations.  But, I suppose it makes sense that I try to keep the spider decorations limited to the exterior of the house because that is where spiders belong!  🙂 
Last year, I added this spiderweb decoration to our door to make our entrance more festive for Halloween.  I was looking to make something fun and appropriate for the holiday but did not want anything scary, since Lovebug is still pretty young.  This spiderweb door decoration fit the bill perfectly!  It was easy to make, is inexpensive and adds just the right combination of fun and Halloween fright that I was looking for.  I think it turned out super cute and am looking forward to pulling it out next week!
Halloween Wreath

1 package black pipe cleaners (I got the metallic kind to add some dimension)
Fake spider – I got mine at Dollar Tree
Happy Halloween Sign – optional (I printed mine on lime green paper and laminated it so it would survive any rain)

1.  Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends so they are attached on one side.

2.  Add another pipe cleaner, by twisting one end to the center where the two other pipe cleaners are attached.

3.  Continue twisting in additional pipe cleaners until you have about 8-10 pipe cleaners, all attached at the center, creating an asterisk looking shape as the base of your web.  (I used 6 here, but had to add more as I went along.  So I recommend using at least 8-10 for the base.)

4.  Once you have your base, take a new pipe cleaner and secure it to one of the stems of your base, about 1/2-3/4 inch away from the center.

5.  Thread the pipe cleaner across the base and around the next stem.

6.  Continue threading across the base and around the next stem, creating a bit of a curve in the pipe cleaner as you go along. 

7.  Once you get close to the end of the pipe cleaner, attach a new piece of pipe cleaner to the one you are threading around.  Then, continue threading across the base and around each stem, spacing each new row of the web about 1/2 – 3/4 inch apart.

Here, you can see that I added to additional pipe cleaners to the base by threading it through the web.  Also, note that creating a bit of a curve in between the stems makes the web look more realistic. 

8.  Continue threading additional pipe cleaners until you have reached the ends of the base

9.  Create a hook for your spiderweb by adding a pipe cleaner shaped in a loop to the end of one stem of your base.

10. Arrange your spider in the web and add the “Happy Halloween” sign, if using.

NOTE:  The spiderweb will be flat on a table, but will bow a little when it is hung.  This will add some dimension and make it look more spiderweb like.

You’re done!  A cute, inexpensive and quick project to make your door more festive!

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