Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex

Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex

Whether you have been in a relationship with each other for a year or even 20 years, you need to know that intercourse has a huge role in keeping your relationship together. As much as it might be quite odd (or awkward) to learn, some of the most long-lasting, successful relationships still have an active sexual life even after their children have grown up and left home. If you want to know how to have the best sex, here are some habits to develop:

They Make Sure Their Relationship is Healthy

Generally, you can not expect a healthy, strong sexual relationship if you don’t have a solid overall relationship. Resentment, constant clashing, and trust issues are a recipe for disaster. To start enjoying a healthy sexual relationship, these problems should be dealt with. Talk with a counselor and make an effort to work on your relationship to get a heavy and hot sexual life.

They Communicate

Good communication for a happy and long-lasting relationship is as important as your sex life, as well. You might think it’s great to fake your orgasm to make your lover feel great, but could you imagine faking it for the rest of your lives? Moreover, on the contrary, pretending to climax is considered to be an insult to your lover more than anything else. Communication is among the key habits of couples with good sex life. Inform your lover gently (and sexily), precisely the way you prefer it. Guide your lover. Educating each other where your sweet spots are might well be a huge turn-on.

They Trust Each Other

All of us have our own kinks—some might be common, others not so much. All of us have that one (or more) thing that really is a major turn-on. Among the habits couples with amazing sex life have are trusting your lover regarding teaching them about what really arouses you. More importantly, expressing you trust your lover enough to show your turn-ons could help them open up as well. Unless your turn on is something really strange, be open and honest, and, as you begin to trust more, you might discover that you both begin rubbing off on one another and have similar kinks.

They Try New Things

Among the very common habits couples with amazing sex life have are being okay to trying new stuff. Clearly, that’s something that occurs eventually, as trust accumulates and your mind starts to open more. That works hand in hand with communication and trust. Talk to one another about stuff you have always wished to try but have always been too nervous to do so. There are also tons of fun sexual ideas and games online, and kinky board games you could purchase. Moreover, there are sexology courses online to help you have a good time between the sheets.

They Don’t Stop Dating

Couples can hardly seem compelled to take showers regularly, much less even make time for intimacy and alone time, especially after a new baby comes. This may wreak havoc on a relationship, since what are you without sex? Housemates. Take a break. Find someone to watch your kids, even if it’s just for one night every month. For parents, alone time is essential. Remember the sex sessions, make-out marathons, and tummy flips you had before the kids arrived.

They’re Spontaneous

Couples that are in a good sexual relationship are more probably spontaneous and unexpected in their interactions. Are you at a party? For a quickie, sneak inside a restroom. Parking lots may be a lot of fun as well. At least once a year, every partner should have a wonderful experience in the backseat of their car; you’ll feel like adolescents again!


They’re Confident

This one is specifically designed for women (although few men might have body concerns, too). We’ll never be the gorgeous models we view in publications as women. Why? They’re just as genuine as the tooth fairy. What do you get if you remove professional photography, cosmetics, lighting, and photoshop? Typical woman. Perhaps it’s pretty, but it’s far from flawless. Men adore confident women, so learn to appreciate your imperfections.