How Romantic Adventures Helped Couples This Valentine’s Day

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When couples have been together for a long time, the passion can fade or take a backseat to work, chores, and the pressures of adulting. However, a healthy sex life is part of a healthy relationship. Without sexual intimacy, you can drift apart or develop feelings of insecurity or resentment.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for couples to reconnect and rekindle their passion—and Romantic Adventures can help set the stage for a unique, intimate night.  

Share Your Erotic Fantasies

It is normal to have erotic fantasies. It helps relieve stress, temporarily escape monotony and boredom, and allows you to express different sides of yourself.

But how do fantasies affect your real-life relationship? According to psychologists, fantasies can be a powerful way to reignite desire. When you try something new together—whether it’s a new sex toy or play-acting a scenario with lingerie—you introduce the novelty and adrenalin rush you had at the start of your relationship.

If you’ve never used sex toys, like those sold at stores like Romantic Adventures, start with the classic vibrator and dildo. You can expand your repertoire to other accessories when you become more aware of your needs and what you and your partner enjoy.

Enhance Your Libido

Couples can experience a “dry spell” in their sex life because one or both have lower libido.  They still love each other but are not in the mood for sex. Many factors can affect libido: stress and physical exhaustion, hormonal changes, side effects of contraceptives or prescription medication, or medical conditions like diabetes that affect testosterone levels.

However, sex—like any part of a relationship—can sometimes require effort. You can build the mood and create an intimate atmosphere. The body follows the mind.

You can browse the Romantic Adventures collection with your partner and pick sex toys and lingerie together. Even talking about what you’d like to try can stimulate the imagination, and there’s nothing sexier than anticipating what comes next.

You can also find masturbators and lubricants, which can help with physical issues like vaginal dryness.

Focus on Foreplay

If you check relationship forums, one of the biggest frustrations people have with their sex life is a lack of foreplay. They want a slower build-up—including touching and sexy talk—but their partner jumps right into the action.

Relationship coaches say that a lack of foreplay may come from the “false representations of sex” found in traditional porn. Most adult films feature sex without context.

However, physical pleasure is closely linked to emotional intimacy and anticipation. While it’s sometimes fun to jump straight into sex, it is essential to balance it with long, intimate sex with a lot of foreplay.

So, spend time making out and exploring each other’s bodies. Enjoy a slow strip tease in sexy lingerie, or use sex toys to play and fondle each other. Romantic Adventures sells clothing and toys to help enhance the sexual experience.

The human body has thousands of nerve endings and often-neglected pleasure spots like the back of the neck, the back’s slope, and the feet’ soles. Take time to discover each other. 

Boost Your Self-Confidence[Alt text: A picture of a couple excited and smiling at the camera with the woman on her partners back holding a flower.]

Many people have hidden insecurities about their desirability and ability to perform in the bedroom. Social pressure, a traumatic rejection experience, or general self-esteem issues can drive this insecurity.  

This can lead to sexual anxiety, which may cause you to avoid sex or limit your ability to give or receive pleasure. And more importantly, it will make you associate sex with something negative rather than a fun and positive way to enjoy your body and connect with your partner.

One way to overcome sexual anxiety is to see sex as an adventure rather than a performance. Sex toys, like those from Romantic Adventures, bring back the fun and experimentation and let you and your partner try things together rather than obsess over “am I doing this right?”

Lingerie can also make you feel sexy and beautiful and become comfortable with your sensuality. You wear it not just to please your partner but to please yourself and see yourself differently.  

Talk About Your Needs and Desires

Healthy sex is built on honest communication. Even if your partner loves you, they can’t read your mind. It’s important to say, “I like this” or “I want this” – or even, “I don’t know what I like yet, but can we try something else?”

However, it’s hard to start that conversation with your significant other. You may be shy about expressing your needs or afraid of misinterpretation. Therapists recommend discussing it on neutral ground—focusing on an action you want to take rather than a criticism of what you didn’t get before.

So instead of saying, “I think sex is too rushed” you can say, “Let’s shop for sex toys we can use in foreplay.” Or instead of saying, “We always do the same thing” you can say, “I want to try out a fantasy.”

Shopping together at Romantic Adventures can be a good starting point. Just invite your partner to look at the inventory. 

Make Time for Sexual Intimacy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a romantic and passionate date, but don’t let it end there. It’s important to make sex a regular part of your relationship, even if it means scheduling your couple’s time.

Romantic Adventures is about helping others find more pleasure, browsing their website, or visiting a store to find something to spice up your sex life with your partner. Try something new from Romantic Adventures this Valentine’s Day and integrate it into your everyday intimacy with your partner or yourself. 

Many couples think that scheduling dates ruin the spontaneity and the fun. However, the reality of adult life is that there will always be work, errands, and, eventually, the daily grind of raising kids. If you don’t prioritize sex and recognize your and your partner’s sexual needs, your sex life will naturally suffer.

Commit to spending time with each other. Block off a day of the week when you can be together, whether just to cuddle and kiss or to light the candles and enjoy a night of foreplay and sexual adventures. Don’t make sexual adventures a once-in-a-year affair—make it part of your life as a couple.