How to Have Better Sex By Keeping Fit

How to Have Better Sex By Keeping Fit

You have probably heard that routine exercise could lessen the chance of chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, or heart disease. But research shows it might have another, more shocking effect: boosting your sexual experience.

In men, routine exercise seems to be a natural Viagra. It is linked with a reduced chance of erectile issues. In a recent study, inactive middle-aged guys selected to participate in a robust exercise program for nine months revealed improved sexual function, greater satisfaction, and more regular sexual activity. If you want to know how to have better sex, you’d be surprised to know that people whose fitness levels improved most noticed significant improvements in their sexual wellbeing.

Improved blood flow assists in explaining why exercise results in better sexual activity in men too. An improved self-image due to exercise might have a role as well. Guys who exercise might feel more sexually attractive, which could result in better sex.

Moreover, physical activity—particularly strength exercise—could boost testosterone levels, which might increase men’s sexual drive.

So, if you have erection problems, get cramped up, stiff, or fatigued, during intercourse, it is time to exercise! Below are some exercises for beginners:


Do you want to exercise more, but are uncertain of where to begin? A simple choice that could make you fit for better sexual health is Kegel exercises. Kegels assists in strengthening the pelvic muscles and work for guys and girls. That could result in better orgasms for girls and boosted erections for guys. So, nobody loses. Here’s how you could do Kegels:

Find the pelvic muscle. That’s the muscle that prevents the flow of urine mid-stream. For guys, you might notice a contraction at your penis’ base. Women would feel a vaginal lifting. Try tightening your muscles a few times until you mastered it.

Contract the pelvic muscle for five seconds then release it for 5 seconds as well. Do this contract and release activity again 10 to 15 times in a row. Observe if you can hold the contractions for longer as you grow better at them.

Establish a regular schedule. For optimal results, perform one set of 10-15 Kegels at least 3x a day. These may be done while sitting at a desk or driving. It’s a simple exercise that would significantly boost your sex desire and performance,


Weight and cardio training can help you become in shape for amazing sex. Flexibility, on the other hand, are just as crucial, especially if you have been working out hard. If you don’t usually stretch, cramps, stress, and back and neck pain may kill the mood just as easily as tiredness.

More significantly, stretching reduces stress-induced hypertension, which is among the leading causes of libido and erection loss. Stretching can redirect every misdirected stiffness directly to the genitals by opening up the energy flow in your body.


Do you want to add a couple of new positions to your sex life? Yoga allows you to get into unique postures for optimum enjoyment during sex, which will improve your sexual wellness. Yoga improves flexibility, leading to improved sexual wellbeing. According to some specialists, it could also boost your sack stamina by pulling your energy in and up.

Does Sex Count as Exercise?

If you’re thinking of sex as an exercise, it all depends on how long and how intense your lovemaking is. According to a study of young adults, sexual activity burns three to four calories every minute on average. (Men burn more calories than women.) The exertion level was medium, equivalent to strolling or doubles tennis.

Sex, on the other hand, does not last as long for most individuals as those other activities. Therefore it burns fewer calories overall. When the sexual activity was matched to a 30-minute, fairly strenuous treadmill workout in the study above, the treadmill burnt nearly 3x more calories. However, in one metric, sexual activity won out: nearly all of the participants said it was more pleasurable than the regular exercises.