How to Improve Sex Life By Making Her Want You

How to Improve Sex Life By Making Her Want You

“Nice guys finish last.” Are you among them? Are ladies always rejecting you even though you’re aware you have everything to satisfy them? Why would ladies pick a man who knows nothing about their emotions instead of a great, sensitive man like you?

Most importantly, you should understand this: a female won’t turn you down because you are too good of a guy; ladies do so since they do not find in you the features they’re searching for in a partner. Obviously, both of us know that you possess every quality a great partner should hold: loyal, respectful, attentive, caring. So, for Christ’s sake, why would a woman NOT want this?

Three Fundamental Things That Make Women Want To Be With You

  1. Take Initiative

If you want to know how to improve sex life, women have to see you give importance to your life and pursue your desires and dreams. They’re subconsciously evaluating how you fit with each other and your ability to survive and prosper. Initiative indicates leadership; the ability to direct their life. It is having the eagerness to finish things and being responsible in attaining something. Initiative is expressed through efforts, not through promises nor words. It is about taking control but not being controlling. A girl is aroused, realizing her guy could deal with any situation they are tossed into and this makes her get the feeling of protection on all levels.

Hold hands when you cross the street and be on the outer side. Keep a powerful presence. That’s showing you are there for her, without needing to tell her anything. So, take control!

  1. Live Passionately

Girls are attracted to guys who have curious and passionate lives, and they prefer a fulfilled man. A guy with an ambition to achieve and a zest for life is hot. You do not have to be a CEO or a popular athlete. Actually, you can be a newbie at anything, simply keeping a dream and putting hard work towards it gives a huge impact and would immediately draw women. Noticing a guy pursuing his interests indicates to women the probability of how he’ll put effort into her.

  1. Show Vulnerability

Showing your vulnerable side means you are emotionally stable, secure enough, and self-aware to express your sentiments. Do not be the guy who does not feel anything. Being masculine while letting yourself be vulnerable signals true strength. Comfort assists in building trust, and trust in intimacy and sex as shown by margot robbie nude.

  1. Be Big, In Presence

Women want a guy who gives them a feeling of safety and protection. Large physiques and height draw girls in since it makes them feel secure immediately. But the deception of security could immediately subside if it isn’t associated with real kindness, courage, and emotional strength. It might seem it is unfair that physically larger guys receive attention, particularly because their size does not suggest they make girls any safer. You could be “huge” with your presence! A relaxed and open stance with the shoulders rolled back would make that effect. Your posture could make you look bigger and the body language could convey to girls at a single glance that you are confident. Prevent insecure body language, which often seems like you are physically defending yourself – hunching over, crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact, and looking like you are about to walk out.

  1. Be A Good Subtext Listener

According to sexology training resources, ladies speak 20k words/day on average, and guys roughly 7,000. That does not suggest guys have to improve their speaking game, but it does suggest they might listen more frequently. It means you could understand the intent behind what girls talk about and what emotions they are conveying. You do not and should not recite back what you have discovered after you listen. Just asking a genuine question that expresses you must have been paying attention is enough to confirm it. You will indicate that you’re empathetic, aware and you care about her feelings.