How To Spice Up Life With Your Sugar Momma

How To Spice Up Life With Your Sugar Momma

Young men are always on the lookout for how to find a sugar momma. They turn to sugar momma dates and also dating with sugar momma. Here’s what sugar mommas like about dating young boys:

·         Cougars fight a lot over their latest crush. Whatever the reasons, don’t expect that she will take care of you because you are a cub. Competition for suitable and sexy cougars is always high and you have to bring your “A” game to the situation.

·         Dress well:  Sugar mommas have a lot of class and money to spare. They will desire a sexy and smart younger man on their arms and trainers and tracksuits will not get you far in the relationship. You have to dress smart, look suave, and show that you are making an effort.

·         Visit the gym: A cougar is on the lookout for a hot and young man, who is barely out of puberty. If you are serious about snatching a sugar momma, head to the gym to take in all the fantastic ladies.

·         Come across as confident: Confidence is a very important factor in picking up and spicing life with your sugar momma. She has to know if you are not scared of a successful and intelligent woman, so get rid of nervous chatter. This is because it will put her right off you.

·         Be intelligent:  A sugar momma will want intelligent conversation and you have to be pretty well read up on current affairs to make a decent conversation.

·         Bedroom wildness: When it comes to the question of sexually delivering, she has to know that you are up for it, literally. Ensure that you are the leading partner in the bedroom and show her something that she has not tried in bed earlier. It could be unilinguist, oral sex, anal sex and a host of other things.

·         Pay attention to her: As with any self-respecting woman, a cougar will want to have a feeling of value and respect. You, as a cub, have to be very attentive to her words and listen to them carefully, because she wants to listen to her in exclusion.

·         Don’t drink too much: A cougar will never settle for a man-child who will get drunk stupid and then like to act like an idiot. Show your cougar that you are a real man and can hold down 12 tequila shots bravely.  

·         Obey orders: Cougars find a weird pleasure in ordering their cubs around. And so while you ell strong and manly, try to go to offbeat places with her and also do things that she favors doing.

·         Do not expect gifts:       Some men date older ladies because they have a chance of getting an inheritance from her or even some expensive gifts. If you let on that you are about the money, she will drop you like a hot cake. Wait your time, be patient and good things will happen to you.

·         Smell nice: Invest in a good cologne and pay adequate attention to your hygiene. This will make you ooze sophistication and your cougar will not be able to resist.

·         Avid cheesy pick-up lines; Always refrain from pick up likes that seem to come straight from a movie, Instead work your brains and think of some original lie that will have the ladies swooning. 4

·         Go easy on the gifts: When you are dating a cub, one of the least things you can expect is an expensive gift. Face it, the woman holds the purse strings in the relationship and it is up to her to bestow you with gifts and not the other way around.

·         Don’t express sexuality right away: If you come across as too strong, your cougar date will find it off-putting. You should flatter as well as compliment her, but keep the banter light until she broaches a serious subject. Flirty and light conversation is the best for an ice breaker, and your cougar will gradually thaw to your conversation, especially if it is humorous and funny.

·         Hold your own: Holding a conversation with a sugar momma is all about balance and the temper. Instead of being a complete pushover, be prepared to hold your own with close friends. This will give you the much-needed practice to converse with a sugar momma.

·         Good grooming: It helps if you pay attention to personal grooming, Beards should be tidy and clean,        with fingernails clean and short. These little details will indicate to your sugar momma that she is with the right man.

·         Make her laugh: Utilize your sense of humor to make cougars laugh and feel good about themselves. Have intelligent humor and show her how funny and charming you can possibly be.

If you follow these tips about spicing your life up with a sugar momma, give it some serious thought so that you can arrive at the right decision regarding a cougar.