Planning for a great night in Brisbane

Planning for a great night in Brisbane

Do you and your partner ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

Lately, it feels like all we do is watch Netflix on the couch. Why does date night have to be so… boring?

We’ve got some tips for spicing up your next date night!

Be spontaneous

You know how sometimes you’ll schedule something but then at the last minute decide not to go? Have a change of heart and choose something else from our list instead! Then each week, alternate between doing different things.

Bold food choices are key to a successful date – get adventurous with an Indian restaurant, or get down and dirty with some Malaysian cuisine. You can even try out that shady-looking place around the corner that’s always empty.

We really mean it – get out there and try something new!

Turn off your phones

This might seem difficult, but trust us – go into this date knowing that you’re going to give each other your undivided attention for the entire evening. Don’t get so caught up in checking Facebook on your phone every five seconds that you forget about the gorgeous woman sitting across from you…

Don’t worry, we know it’s hard! But promise us you’ll try. If she asks why you haven’t looked at your phone in half an hour, just tell her that you don’t have any new notifications – or better yet, turn it off completely! And leave the house without telling anyone where you’re going. Let them wonder. It’ll be fun!

Don’t just sit there

Remember that one time back in high school when you snuck into the movies without paying? And your date was totally impressed by how cool you were, and then at the end of the night she slapped you so hard across the face that your ears rang for hours afterwards…

Don’t worry, we’re not saying to do anything illegal. Just show her how spontaneous you are by grabbing her hand and leading her down some alleyway or something! Maybe there’s a cool new rooftop bar where nobody will recognize you – check Yelp instead of asking your Tinder buddies if they’ve seen it yet. There’s no way they can swipe left on this place!

Maybe if you’ve got time, make some friends…

Don’t be picky

Remember what we said about trying new things? Well stop worrying and use this as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Try that weird little place down the street even if it’s just outside of your comfort zone – there’s no way you’re going to have a terrible time, right? You can always order pizza afterwards.

Networking is important, so don’t be afraid to ask people for help either! Maybe one of your Tinder matches knows where TO find this cool new rooftop bar. And remember, she’s already impressed with how spontaneous you are! If you can’t think of anything else fun to do together, try asking someone out at the club! Who knows, maybe she’s got a sibling who lives in the city you’ve been dying to visit.

It might seem scary… but trust us – it will be worth it when you have another great date night again next week!

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