The Good News About Trying to Meet Mature Women

The Good News About Trying to Meet Mature Women

If you’re trying to meet mature women, understand that your number one enemy is yourself. Now you may be thinking that this is bad news because how the hell can you change yourself? You’ve been trying to quit smoking, you’ve been trying to beat procrastination, you’ve been trying to make all these changes across the board in your life and you continue to fail and fail and fail.

If the secret to meeting mature women is about self improvement and overcoming yourself, then it’s easy to think that this is a losing game. It’s easy to think that you have lost before you even began to play. Well, not quite.

Understand that life is a choice. The fact that you’re sitting down right now and forming thoughts based on the information that I’m giving you through these words means that you’re in control. Nobody’s pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to think a certain way. Nobody’s pointing a gun at your head and saying to you that you have to fail in getting laid.

If you are frustrated in any area of your life, understand that you did it to yourself. I know that sounds discouraging, I know that that sounds depressing even, but it’s actually quite empowering because the choice is with you.

If you can choose to be miserable, it logically follows that you can choose otherwise. Maybe you could choose for things to be neutral. Maybe you can choose, believe it or not, for things to be positive. Funny how that works, right?

Exercise that power and you’d be surprised as to how many more women would find you attractive because guys who are totally “woke,” in other words, they are in tune with their inner and external reality, are few and far between. And guess what? A lot of women get turned on by them because men who are truly aware and awake on so many different levels are few and far between.

If you are trying to find and meet mature women, understand how this works. Understand that you don’t have to continue to choose mediocrity. You don’t have to continue to choose embarrassment, shame, failure, defeat, disappointment. It all begins with you.

Start choosing your thoughts. Start judging your thoughts differently and it would lead to better outcomes, not just in your efforts at trying to meet mature women. I’m talking about something far more precious that that. I’m talking about life itself.

Take life by the balls. Stare it in the eye, yank on those balls and scream at it at the top of your lungs, “you’re my bitch now!”