How to Have Great Sex By Foreplay

How to Have Great Sex By Foreplay

Usually, sensual foreplay is just as thrilling as the sex itself. From sexy looks in your room to hot make-out sessions, foreplay boosts your sexual experience and lets you explore new feelings. If you want to know how to have great sex, foreplay is key!

What is Foreplay?

If you break down the term, foreplay is an erotic play before intercourse. For others, sensual foreplay is a vital part of physical intimacy. Usually, women have trouble climaxing when having sex without enough foreplay. However, they could orgasm even with just foreplay, like oral sex or clitoral stimulation.

Foreplay techniques include a relatively wide range of erotic play, from flirty sexting to cunnilingus or fellatio. Based on your definition, some foreplays might even be considered as sex.

Benefits of Foreplay

The benefits of foreplay before intercourse are boosted arousal, which often lead to penetration. As a female, you sometimes require more time to be physically prepared for sex, and foreplay allows you to get ready for it.

Sex education for women states that women’s arousal includes a rise in genital blood flows. The labia might swell, and the vagina gets lubricated. The clitoris could even arise from beneath its hood ‒ same with male erection. You may see your areolas becoming dark and the nipples getting erect. A substantial amount of erotic foreplay increases physical sensations before and during sex.

Using these foreplay techniques, you could spice things up in an exciting and new way.

French Kissing

Use your tongue! When you are kissing your lover, open your mouth and touch your lover’s tongue to start a French kiss. You could use various movements and strategies — whatever makes the both of you feel good.

Making Out

Add a slight touching — and some ear nuzzling, neck kisses, and neck or lip biting, if one of you likes that — to the French kiss, and you got yourself a make-out session.


Neck, back, and foot massage: whichever you like, a message could get you aroused. Try putting massage candles or oils to put in some slickness. After getting out the knots, you could allow your hands to stray a little…

Nipple Play

Nipples could be truly sensitive — and fun to play with. You could pinch, touch, suck, lick, or gently bite them (ask if they are okay with biting before you do it). Some could even have a “nipplegasm” due to just nipple stimulation. For those who are into BDSM, you could incorporate the nipple clamps as well.

Dry Humping

Teens aren’t the only ones that enjoy dry humping. Rub your genitals against your partner’s leg, knee, genital, or wherever else feels wonderful. This indirect stimulation may be a great turn-on for persons with clitorises, leading to orgasms, and it can also feel fantastic for guys.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is a kind of sex, much like manual stimulation, and it may also be utilized as a sort of preparation before another sexual interaction. Use the tongue to tickle your partner’s penis head, clit, or anus in any way you see fit and get your hands involved for added excitement.

Get Kinky

Include some kink into the foreplay, like spanking, tying your spouse up (or requesting your lover to tie you up), or wearing a blindfold, to heighten the suspense for sex.

How to Initiate Sex

You may engage in sex in various ways, ranging from bold and direct (you could always ask!) to gentle and seductive. It’s quite understandable if you’re hesitant to propose it, specifically when you’re in a new relationship. On the other hand, women like sex just as much as guys do, so when you’re in the mood, tell your partner.

If you want to know how to have great sex, romantic foreplay is essential, and it can help you have a better (and sooner) orgasm throughout making love. While many individuals define foreplay differently, it must always be something you and your partner are both fine with.