Which Type of Sex Doll is the Best for You?

Which Type of Sex Doll is the Best for You?

Sex dolls are life-size dolls that can offer both sexual satisfaction and companionship. Men who were in a relationship before are enjoying their single life, mainly because they have the sex doll shop as their accomplice.

These dolls are made from top-quality materials and are provided by some of the best companies in the market. But the main question here is: “Which sex doll is the right one for you?” This article will provide you with that answer.

Types of Sex Dolls Available in the Market

There are several kinds of sex dolls available. They come in different shapes and sizes to purchase one according to their needs. Here are some of the types of sex dolls:

1.   High-End Sex Dolls

The high-end silicone sexdolls are hand-made paired up with detailed care. This extra care is provided to make the dolls appear more realistic. The doll’s features, such as vaginas and breasts, are properly contoured and lifelike. You will find the internal vaginal walls and eyelashes to be pretty realistic.

These dolls are also made from medical grade and top-quality macromolecule silicone. Even though the silicone is high quality, the material is platinum preserved. When silicone is cured with platinum, it prevents the oil from oozing out of the doll’s skin.

The skeletons of these dolls are pretty sturdy. The joints are long-lasting and strong, enabling the dolls to stand on their own and hold positions.

2.   Mid-Range Sex Dolls

The sex dolls that fall under the mid-range are fun and lifelike dolls. At first glimpse, it might be a little difficult to tell the difference between a middle range and a $10,000 doll. Even though this mid-range might appear realistic, they will not be much long lasting when compared with the high-end dolls.

When you do a close inspection, you will find some imperfections on the dolls. The material of these dolls is of low-grade to medium TPE or silicone. If the doll is made from silicone, it might not be platinum preserved and leak out all its oil. This will make the doll dry.

TPE is an excellent material used for creating sex dolls, but it doesn’t offer a realistic or lifelike feel compared with silicone. It’s a lot more porous, and it will start to show imperfections such as watermarks and stains over time.

The skeletons of these mid-range sex dolls are made of metal, but they are lighter and thinner than those in high-end dolls. The joints will not be that robust, and the doll itself will be flimsy when it comes to holding positions.

3.   Entry-Level Sex Dolls

These entry-level sex dolls are 3 feet tall and known as “mini sex dolls.” These dolls have Double D-cup breasts are offer a realistic feel and look. They are also not that expensive and are pretty convenient for people who want to be discreet.

The entry-level dolls are light in weight, which means they are easy to handle compared with the full-sized erotic dolls. You will face no issues when storing them so that others do not get to see them. If you wish to purchase full-size sex dolls, using the entry-level ones first will be a good idea.

4.   Dark-Skinned Sex Dolls

These dark-skinned dolls arrived pretty late in the market. This is mainly because most sex doll manufacturing companies are situated in Asia. So, they develop all the dolls for their local marketplace first. But since the industry kept growing, silicone sex doll creators are now adding color to a doll’s skin. The black sex dolls became popular after they were made available to the public. They are also available at an affordable price range.

5.   Celebrity Sex Dolls

These dolls are made to resemble fictional characters or popular individuals. Erotic doll manufacturers are currently focusing on making such dolls because there are many sex icons that are licensing their likeness to be recreated into a doll form. There have been many well-known and popular individuals who have worked with erotic doll manufacturing companies to create a sex doll that resembles them. These dolls are made from high-quality silicone and carry realistic features.

6.   Fantasy or Anime Sex Dolls

When people are asked to describe their sensual fantasy, they don’t think of a famous person instantly. Instead, they think of a fictional character. Now, people can purchase anime or fantasy sex dolls as they are available in the market, which you can opt for.

Parting Thoughts

Sex dolls are available in many shapes and sizes. You will find both high-end and mid-range dolls available in different price ranges. This article contains information about several kinds of erotic dolls, which you can take a look at. It will give you an idea about the types of dolls available in the market when you wish to purchase your own.