How to Get Started As a Male Escort

How to Get Started As a Male Escort

A male escort, often known as a gigolo, is a person who engages in the practice of delivering sexual pleasures for a payment. Gigolos frequently market their services using a variety of terms, such as companionship, nudity modeling or dancing, body massage, or some other acceptable fee for service arrangement.

Joining a gigolo market can undoubtedly assist any man in making a lot of money. However, once men begin working, they discover that a slew of competitors are vying for their business by any means necessary. As a result, they will learn about various tactics and shortcuts that will enable them to earn a lot of money as a gigolo.

How to get started as a male escort:

  • It’s now easy to become a escort boy in Goodboy Michel. There are numerous tools available both online and offline to assist guys in their beginning steps toward becoming professional playboys.
  • To become a gigolo, one must first register with a legitimate escort services provider, such as Goodboy Michel.
  • Make sure to publish their best shots because it is only via these photos that they will be able to attract clients.
  • Before activating their profile, the agencies will verify the photos and information they have provided.
  • Clients will contact them directly once their profile has been activated.
  • They can seek assistance from the agency’s agents if they encounter any challenges during the process.

To work as a top-tier call boy:

  • Target high-profile clients- Look for high-profile clients in their community who can help them earn a lot of money. Customers can acquire a large number from there because many of them live alone and are looking for ways to pass the time, travel, or meet their physical demands.
  • Be cooperative- Due to the high level of competition in this sector, they cannot afford to make a single error. Recognize the needs of the client and respond appropriately; never attempt to engage in any type of complication with the client, as this will negatively affect their reputation in the marketplace.
  • To begin, pick a large city- They begin their services or businesses in large cities. Callboys are in high demand in big cities. Many agencies that provide call boy jobs can be found there.
  • Act as a friend to their client- Never act like a prostitute because men are in a service where their clients’ mindsets are not the same as those who frequent brothels. They will not be able to find persons who will directly engage in sexual activity. They may receive calls from clients who are under a lot of stress and are looking for support and something to gain from their time with them.
  • Prepare logistics based on the conversation- Based on the conversation, plan the logistics of the time with the client in terms of the hotel to book, the type of room, their dress code, dinner reservation, and other vital details.

Male can either provide their services independently or register with one of the escort firms to become a call guy. However, as a newcomer, they should join an escort agency. There are numerous advantages to using it.