The Best Cafes in Perth

The Best Cafes in Perth

Perth is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and amazing coffee. This article will focus on the best cafes in Perth that are perfect for any occasion. We’ll talk about what you can expect from each cafe and where to find them. Whether it’s a lazy brunch with friends or a late-night study session, there’s something here to suit everyone!

Here are some of the best cafes in Perth you should definitely check out:

Sunny’s Cafe  

Sunny’s is a great place to meet up with friends. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff is very helpful. They have delicious coffee, pastries, sandwiches & cakes that pair perfectly with your drink of choice! We recommend trying their oatmeal chai latte!

The Botanist  

The Botanist is a really neat place to study or have an important meeting. They are well known for their cocktails, which are very popular among the after-work crowd. We recommend trying their Iced Aztec Mocha!

Alex Junior

Alex Junior is an awesome place to meet friends for lunch. The food here is amazing, and there’s plenty of space! There are also board games you can play while you eat if you want something different than your typical meal out. Their coffee & desserts are delicious too! We recommend trying their iced mocha with soy milk!

Cafe Bliss  

Cafe Bliss is a nice place to go if you want something healthy. They have an awesome range of juices and smoothies, as well as salads & sandwiches! It’s the perfect place for anyone who wants to eat clean without sacrificing taste. We recommend trying their acai bowl with fresh fruit & granola!

Artem’s Cafe

Artem’s Cafe is a really cute cafe to go on a date! They have an adorable outdoor seating area, perfect for the warmer weather. The food & drinks are delicious and beautifully presented. We recommend trying their French toast with caramelized bananas and Perth’s best donuts!!

Cafe Leadman

 Cafe Leadman is a great place to catch up with friends and go on an adventure! They have live music every weekend, so you can enjoy some tunes while you eat. We recommend trying their chicken & avocado baguette sandwich!!

Chu Bakery

Chu Bakery is the perfect place to go with a group of friends! They have delicious desserts & cakes that are huge enough for everyone. The atmosphere here is fun and lively, so you’ll definitely have a good time. We recommend trying their macarons!!

Engine Room Espresso

This place is perfect for studying or working on a project. They have lots of power outlets and fast Wi-Fi, as well as yummy coffee! It was opened by a team of firefighters who loved coffee, so it’s definitely a cool place to check out. We recommend trying their flat white with soy milk!

Slug & Lettuce  

Slug & Lettuce is an awesome cafe for brunch or lunch. Their menu has lots of healthy options that are perfect to eat on the go if you’re in a rush We recommend trying their flat white!!

Cafe Clichy  

Cafe Clichy is an elegant cafe with delicious food! They have yummy salads & sandwiches and the best French Onion Soup in town. The staff is friendly and there’s plenty of space inside We recommend trying their flat white with almond milk!!

Ethos Deli + Dining Room

Ethos Deli + Dining Room is a really cool cafe for brunch! They have delicious fresh juices & smoothies, as well as amazing food. The service here is great and the atmosphere is very relaxed. We recommend trying their fried green tomatoes!!

Cafe Levendi  

Cafe Levendi has an awesome organic menu with delicious food! They have some of the best coffee in Perth, and they also serve Acai bowls. This place is perfect for anyone who loves trying new things while enjoying tasty treats We recommend trying their flat white with almond milk!!

The Grounds of Alexandria  

The Grounds has an awesome range of food & drinks to choose from – breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch & everything in between! They use fresh ingredients to make delicious food that’s also healthy. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back – perfect for a long breakfast with friends or family We recommend trying their flat white!!

Conclusion Tips

Selecting cafes to go to for whatever reason you have is a very personal choice. There are so many cafes in Perth, which can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the best cafe for your needs! By looking at these recommendations and descriptions of each cafe it should help narrow down what type of place you’d like to go to. Now that you know where to find these cafes, go out & explore Perth! Be sure to stop by one of these delicious spots next time you’re in town.

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